You are in the field of plastics, so rejoice! You just found the most efficient design software for the creation of injection mold on the market. TopSolid has a module to quickly identify parting lines (also useful “blow molding” or “roto molding” molds type) and has full library component for the mold industry. In addition, TopSolid allows you to design injection molds more quickly and easily with already configured mold base, or, you can create your own fully customizable mold base to suit your needs. You can also create your own components (ejectors, stem guides, cooling channel, etc.) and everything always configured so it will automatically update your assembly as you change the components. Even if you have done your 2D drafting, if you change something in your assembly (components or a dimension), the 2D drafting will update automatically. No more wasted time for update all the files, the drawings (details or assemblies) or the 2D drafting. Everything will update at the same time and that way, you reduce the risk of error due to the separated manually update like in other CAD / CAM software.

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