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Has a team of professionals, Cad-Cam Services is a leader in the sale and distribution of Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) software TopSolid. Our team is there to support you in the achievement of your goals. Whether in design or programming of CNC (computerized numerical control) machines, we are there from the beginning to support you.


Working for over ten years in the field of sales, distribution and training in CAD / CAM software, particularly with TopSolid, Cad-Cam Services has built a prominent experience. We have helped several manufacturing companies throughout the years in various sectors (communications, aerospace, transportation, molds making, general machining, etc.)


Our mission is very simple, the success of our customers! Indeed, your success is our motivation. More happy and satisfied you will be, happier we will be. So you can always rely on the professional work of Cad-Cam Services for reaching your manufacturing goals.

Why choose us?

With over ten years of experience in the field of CAD / CAM software, you will know that you are accompanied by people of heart that will do anything to help you achieve your goals. We support a wide variety of companies in various sectors. By visiting this website, you will see the areas we cover, the products we distribute and various testimonials from companies who have obtained full satisfaction!

The team

  • Michèle Duquet, administration
    At your first contact with Cad-Cam Services, it is likely with Michèle you will speak, she will guide you and answer your administrative questions.
    To reach Michèle: michele@cad-camservices.com
  • Jean-Philippe Castagnet, technical director
    For Jean-Philippe, TopSolid has no secret, as well as 3D design and programming of CNC machines. With more than 30 years of experience, he has developed a leading expertise. Whether to know which is the best machining strategy to apply, or to validate if a design can be easily manufactured, Jean-Philippe will guide you.
    To reach Jean-Philippe: philippe@cad-camservices.com
  • Stéphane Grandbois, business development counselor,
    With 20 years of experience in market development, Stéphane Grandbois joined our team in May 2018 and has joined the team full time since January 2019. It will guide you and offer you the most effective solution, in order to maximize your productivity.
    To reach Stéphane : s.grandbois@cad-camservices.com



Cad-Cam Services specializes in the sales and distribution of TopSolid CAD / CAM software. This Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software is at the forefront of the competition.

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The installation of computer software is the equivalent of the foundation of a house. Although it seems simple, it is essential that this operation is well done. So does the quality and ease of use.

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TopSolid 7 is a very powerful CAD / CAM software. It incorporates the latest technology and interfaces for simple use and efficiency (user friendly).

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