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Aeronautics, model of innovation in new technologies, are more and more demanding towards his computer solutions.

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TopSolid’Design to design, create, analyze… and much more. Even today, many projects begin as a scribble on a paper towel.

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TopSolid 7 is a very powerful CAD / CAM software. It incorporates the latest technology and interfaces for simple use and efficiency (user friendly).

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The installation of computer software is the equivalent of the foundation of a house. Although it seems simple, it is essential that this operation is well done. So does the quality and ease of use.

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Cad-Cam Services is an authorized dealer for TopSolid products (TopSolid’Design, TopSolid’Cam, etc.) for Eastern Canada.


Has a team of professionals, Cad-Cam Services is a leader in the sale and distribution of Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) software TopSolid. Our team is there to support you in the achievement of your goals. Whether in design or programming of CNC (computerized numerical control) machines, we are there from the beginning to support you.




Cad-Cam Services specializes in the sales and distribution of TopSolid CAD / CAM software. This Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software is at the forefront of the competition.

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You are in car industry, heavy vehicles, or you have the brainwave to create the means of transport of the XXIst century?

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It’s good to draw, but still have to make it! Here is the module that has made the reputation of TopSolid in the past.

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This area of advanced technology is always looking to manufacture more accurately always improving on quality. Two reasons why TopSolid permit any industries in this sector to do better.

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The name of the game today! The energy, always producing more while consuming minimal resources. Everywhere around the world, scientists are developing new concepts for us to keep our home comfort, to travel further at lower costs or simply to produce more with less.

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You are in the field of plastics, so rejoice! You just found the most efficient design software for the creation of injection mold on the market.

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Customer support

The customer support is a direct vehicle for customer satisfaction, and that, Cad-Cam Services has understood that. We use all available technologies to support you quickly and efficiently.

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Your company produces welded assemblies? Or you design facilities for production or processing lines?

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Today more than ever, some companies develop highly specialized expertise in their field.

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Outsourcing services

Sometimes, a company goes well and sometimes even too well. To the point that your human resources department hardly find new employees to meet your labor needs. So how do you meet your deliverables?

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The medical industry a business sector where technologies are making great strides. More and more orthopedic and prostheses are created every year to maintain our life quality.

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You have jigs or tooling to produce? Or you have a production line for sheet metal products? You are a "punch / die" maker? Then you'll love TopSolid!

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You are in the wood industry, whether in cabinet making / kitchens, or in architectural woodworking, furniture design or others, TopSolid’Wood can help you to optimize your operations.

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The art of transforming plastic pellets into finished product, it’s no brainstorm when you have the right tools. TopSolid has developed specific modules to answer this industry demand. From automatic parting lines parting surfaces to core cavity bloc, template to create injection molds.

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TopSolid’Sheet Metal

TopSolid’Sheet Metal has been specifically developed for manufacturing industries working in sheet metal.

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Les besoins dans le domaine de la tôlerie, chaudronnerie et autres domaine du métal en feuille évoluent constamment.

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This manufacturing process is particularly interesting! That says "progress" says big productions where the cost of return must be as low as possible.

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