• Michèle Duquet, administration
    At your first contact with Cad-Cam Services, it is likely with Michèle you will speak, she will guide you and answer your administrative questions.
    To reach Michèle: michele@cad-camservices.com
  • Jean-Philippe Castagnet, technical director
    For Jean-Philippe, TopSolid has no secret, as well as 3D design and programming of CNC machines. With more than 30 years of experience, he has developed a leading expertise. Whether to know which is the best machining strategy to apply, or to validate if a design can be easily manufactured, Jean-Philippe will guide you.
    To reach Jean-Philippe: philippe@cad-camservices.com
  • Stéphane Grandbois, business development counselor,
    With 20 years of experience in market development, Stéphane Grandbois joined our team in May 2018 and has joined the team full time since January 2019. It will guide you and offer you the most effective solution, in order to maximize your productivity.
    To reach Stéphane : s.grandbois@cad-camservices.com


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